Our Founder

nathan brodskyNATHAN (JONATHAN) BRODSKY (1917-2006)
The Centre Symphony Orchestra truly represents Jon Brodsky's musical legacy to a city that he loved very much. Jon Brodsky was born into a Russian immigrant family on June 14, 1917 in Jersey City, New Jersey, and grew up in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and married Shirley Markowitz, his wife of 68 years, in 1938. After serving in the US Navy in World War II, Jon purchased and managed a few small properties in the West Village and over the course of a sixty year career emerged as one of Manhattan's more important and influential builders and developers of residential apartments. Throughout this period Jon remained first and foremost a devoted family man and is survived by his wife, Shirley, their son, Daniel, and their daughter, Thea, as well as six grandchildren and a great-grandson.

Jon took up the Cello in his early 40's and, in 1961 joined the Centre Symphony Orchestra, eventually joining the board of directors and playing a growing role in guiding the orchestra during its first two decades. Jon became President and Chairman of the Board of the Centre Symphony Orchestra in 1981, and when Maestro Zadikov retired in 1986, Jon appointed a new music director and took charge of the orchestra's business affairs, thereby ensuring that it would continue to flourish throughout the course of the following twenty years. Today the Centre Symphony Orchestra stands as a vibrant and vital community cultural institution which has been profoundly influenced by Jon Brodsky's vision, energy and spirit. Jon wanted membership in the Centre Symphony to remain open not only to accomplished musical professionals, semi-professionals and students, but to people from all walks of life who love music and aspire to perform at the highest level at which they are capable

... as it does to this day!