Our President

Brigitte Andreassier-PearlBrigitte Andreassier-Pearl was born, raised and educated in Orleans, France. She first came to the US in 1969 without knowing a word of English and worked as an au pair in a New Jersey family to immerse herself in the language. After her visa ran out, she returned to France and seized the first opportunity to come back to the States by answering an ad in a French newspaper for a hotly competed for position in the French typing pool at the UN. After starting work in the UN in 1971 she looked around for something a little more stimulating and challenging and joined the beginner Chinese class. It was there that for the first time she came into contact with UN interpreters and this ignited her interest in becoming one herself. She achieved this ambition, acquiring along the way a Doctorate in French Literature and ended her career as the Head of the entire Interpretation Service at the United Nations.

Having met someone who played in wind quintets and disappeared from time to time to music workshops and chamber music weekends and mindful of the old adage, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, Brigitte decided by a process of elimination to take up the bassoon. A late starter, without any musical background or education, but with her strength of purpose, she swiftly achieved a level of proficiency sufficient to find and hold a place in the Centre Symphony Orchestra in 1986 where she met its Founder, Jon Brodsky, who over time delegated to her more and more responsibilities.

She has been the President and General Manager of the Orchestra for the last 10 years.