Howard Fox

Dr. Howard FoxWhile Dr. Fox is a practicing podiatrist, his first and lasting love was music. His father played violin and viola and provided a rich musical environment for him as a child. He studied composition under Earl George at Syracuse University, and although changing his course of study to medicine “for pragmatic reasons,” he continued to compose in his favorite venue, large orchestral works. His music is uncharacteristic of most modern classical music in that its melodic and the harmonic structures are rather basic and established.

It wasn’t until writing for over 50 years that his first orchestral piece received a performance, a tone poem called Scenes in the Greenbelt depicting 5 areas of the Staten Island Greenbelt. The Staten Island Philharmonic performed this in November 2015 under the baton of Maestro Guzman. It was a natural expression of Dr. Fox’s love of the Greenbelt and his involvement with the Greenbelt Conservatory on Staten Island. He is now President of the Greenbelt Conservancy on Staten Island. A documentary film called Woodland Verse: A Glimpse into the Staten Island Greenbelt which made exclusive use of his music.

Dr. Fox was recently honored as 2016 Outstanding Composer by the Staten Island Philharmonic and his brass quintet premiered at their annual gala. He was asked to compose a march for the Staten Island Philharmonic Concert Band which premiered over a series of three outdoor concerts during the July 4th weekend. Dr. Fox lives and practices on Staten Island.